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SerenArts offers help for small businesses and individuals who want to gain a foothold on the internet, by creating a professional and affordable website that will suit your requirements.

We know how daunting the whole procedure can be when first starting up, and have a great deal of experience in this field, that will help you get going. We will be there to assist you from day one, and make sure you are up and running as quickly as possible.

We have designed a professional range of budget websites that are eyecatching, easy to use and maintain, and will get you started on the world wide web. In addition to the site itself, we are also offering to register, and host your site for the first two years. Our staff will also assist you in administering your website during this period, when you need to make alterations and amendments.


We pride ourselves on offering a personal, yet professional service, which makes your life easier, and means you have more time for what you do best!

NEW SERVICE... due to a dramatic escalation in demand, we are now also offering Mobile Websites. A huge amount of website traffic now comes through mobile phones, ipads and other mobile devices, so your website should be ready for this increase. We can take your site and make a mobile version which will be automatically detected by whatever device tries to use the domain.

iphone showing mobile website service

If you would like more information on this brand new service or to discuss the costs involved, please give us a call or email for details.

For a free quotation or more information on any of our website services, please contact us at any time.

There will be links below when clients need to see their sites active before they go live. Please click on the links to see work in progress...



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